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We offer transgender and gender nonconforming affirming counseling.

If you are looking for support and guidance in your gender relationship you've come to the right place

We are here to help

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​My child just told me they are Trans. What do I do next?

There are many questions that come up when a parent first learns their child is transgender. Perhaps you are experiencing concern, worry, sadness, and love all at the same time. That's ok. I know this can be overwhelming, but it is good that your child trusted you enough to share this very personal information about themselves with you. You may be wondering how you know this is real and what you should do next. There is so much support for you right here in Orange County. Let's talk about it together.

gender questioning

Gender Questioning

Gender Questioning

​Not everyone knows who they are at age 3. Many of us need years of living in our own bodies and experiencing life to come to an understanding of our authentic selves. Or, perhaps you know exactly who you are, but the decision to make changes in your gender identity or expression are difficult and multi faceted. Perhaps you find yourself wondering how will your loved ones react and if you are ready to hear their reactions.  

There's no reason you need to take this on by yourself.
Let's connect and talk... 

Gender Questioning

Parenting Trans kids

Transition Process

Referrals and Resources

Connecting to Community

Trans Pride & Empowerment

Gender Diversity

Gender Non-Conforming

Queer identity

Family & Love relationships

Concerns about your body


Queer romantic love

Romantic Relationships

Transitioning inside a romantic relationship is a transition for yourself, your partner, and the relationship itself. You may find yourself wanting your partner to interact with you in different ways than you did before. Your partner may be worried about these changes and how much they will miss the elements of you that may be changing. This often leaves partners in very different emotional places during transition. We can talk about what you want for you and your relationship. Let's talk about how to keep communication between you and your partner open and supportive.

Nonbinary, Gender Fluid, Flux Gender Queer and Beyond..

Our society has tried to tell you that you should fit quite neatly in one of two boxes...male or female, but that just isn't you. You may have found that you feel best somewhere in between these two genders, combining parts of both, or no where near either of them at all. Wherever you have found yourself to be with you gender identity or presentation you are beautiful and wonderful for exactly who you are! You don't ever need to fit into any gender "box" (even if our culture tries to make you believe that you should). Let's celebrate who you are what it's like to finally feel good in who you've found yourself to be. Together we can support the tough parts of being enby or gender queer in a society that is so rigid around gender structures. I'm here for you and value who you are.

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