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About Erin
Our Vision

It's pretty simple... 

People tend to do better when they feel better about themselves.

For this reason I practice strength-based, value-based counseling. Whether we are talking about gender, sexuality, or any other life situation, I am always going to be looking to support you, your values, and your strengths.


Together we will come up with ideas about how our conversations could be beneficial to you and what goals you'd like to work toward.

Erin Pollard, MA, LMFT, LPCC​

Pronouns: She, her, hers


Gender Therapist

Affirming Practices Speaker

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #MFT50907

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #LPC1252

Clinical Supervisor

Adjunct Professor, Pepperdine Univ. Graduate School of Education & Psychology

Adjunct Professor, Irvine Valley College

Pride Scholars Program Counselor, Irvine Valley College

Co-Founder Orange County Gender Affirming Professionals (OC GAP)

Founder and President Region 8 LGBTQ Community College Advocates

Member South West Regional LGBTQ Consortium of Higher Education

Advisory Board Member of The State of California LGBTQ Health and Human Services Agency

Personal Traits & Therapeutic Style

I value your wisdom and gut feelings about your own life. In so many situations there is no one right answer, but many different pathways all mixed with good and bad options. I am here to join with you and help connect you to your personal values and the best version of yourself. Only you can decide what is most important to you, in what ways you feel like the genuine you,  

LGBQ & Transgender (and Gender Expansive) Affirming Therapist

It is a key part of my role to actively affirm your gender identity.

  • I have been studying gender since my undergrad education at UC Santa Barbara. I regularly attend trainings and conferences on transgender and gender diverse mental health services, trans medical treatment, and the impacts of living in a society that can be unwelcoming or even hostile toward trans persons.

  • I teach and train therapists in Trans Affirming Practices to help grow the base of competent supportive therapists available to clients.

  • I am the creator of a consortium of local Orange County Mental Health Providers, trans hormone providing physicians, representatives from The Center OC, and the UCI Gender Youth Program.

  • And finally, I volunteer my time with local organizations to help transgender causes, pride, and build resources. This work is very important to me and something I'm honored to be a part of.

I have had the privilege of working with many diverse people and topics. Here are a few of the kinds of therapeutic conversations I have had...

  • Negotiating the coming out process

  • Parent's concern

  • Helping through transition

  • Writing Letters for Gender Confirming Surgeries

  • Trans identity in nonsupporting or even dangerous society

  • Loss of privilege (straight privilege, cis privilege, etc)

  • Concern about/loss of support from certain friends or family

  • Maintaining a relationship or marriage through transition

  • Starting hormones

  • Living in a gender diverse or gender nonconforming space

  • Helping to explain the importance of transitioning to parents or loved ones

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist &

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

I hold two (2) professional licenses in California that qualify me to conduct:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Couples / Relationship Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Assessments

  • Career Counseling

  • Crisis Counseling

Adjunct Professorships

Pepperdine's  Graduate School of Education and Psychology (2012-Current)

Irvine Valley College, Department of Counseling (2017- Current)

Clinical Supervisor

I help teach and train Trainee and Associate Therapists in the practice of Narrative Therapy and Gender and Identity Affirming Counseling

Trans Affirming Therapy Trainer & Lecturer

A portion of my time is devoted to teaching the principles and implementation of Trans Affirming Counseling to other mental health professionals, high education institutions, and students. Learn More...

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If you'd like to make an appointment or book me to speak at your event, contact me here


​My child just told me they are Trans. What do I do next?

There are many questions that come up when a parent first learns their child is transgender. Perhaps you are experiencing concern, worry, sadness, and love all at the same time...

​Just starting your Transgender Journey


Coming soon...

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